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Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that ensures that consistent content of a certain value and relevance is created by targeting a previously known user audience, and as a result, these audiences are mobilized.

It is the name given to the marketing approach that focuses on the production and distribution of valid, valuable, and continuous content to influence the target audience, engage and generate profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What is content?

Content is the whole of the work you have put forward with the aim of influencing your target audience within certain methods. These works can be in various formats such as videos, e-mails, blogs, articles, podcasts, e-books, and they can also appear in many different methods thanks to the changing digital marketing approach.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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Why is content marketing preferred in marketing?

Perhaps more important than understanding what content marketing is, is understanding why content marketing is important to your business.

Content marketing is useful storytelling that engages your specific audience and helps them solve their problems. Believe it or not, easy-to-implement, Google-ready methods can boost your SEO and captivate your potential customers.

Content marketing also provides additional benefits in that it supports other digital marketing channels. It provides additional content for social media marketing and contributes to SEO efforts by creating natural inbound links and good content found on your website in search engines. In fact, for many companies, the bulk of their SEO efforts should be focused on content marketing.

Proper content marketing is all about being dynamic, reaching audiences on all types of platforms. If your business only uses one channel, you may be missing out on a huge potential audience.

In addition, the content marketing strategy is very important for companies to obtain loyal customers. Customers continue to work with the company if they benefit and can solve their problems. This situation also increases revenue growth and awareness of the company. Correctly done content marketing ensures that the brand comes to an important place in the search engine and is recognized. In this way, the company takes one of the most important steps to gain a respectable place.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is one of the most enjoyable ways to introduce your brand and yourself to your target audience “without the smell of ads”. Don't be misled by what we call content marketing, it's actually the opposite of classical marketing methods. Content marketing does not aim to generate direct sales.

When we say content marketing, the first and often the only thing that comes to mind is “text” sharing. However, in addition to the importance of text use, the importance of photo, short-term or instant video sharing has increased considerably with the growth of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What are the types of content marketing?

Social Media Content Marketing

Social networks are where you can find and interact with your target audience, making it the tool of choice for disseminating your content. Therefore, you should not forget to optimize your blog or website so that people can share your articles on social media.

Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are a very powerful type of content for inbound marketing and for sharing information (educational, customer-related, or product-related) with your customers and audience. Blogs are used to convert readers into customers, increase brand awareness and/or build relationships with your target audience.

Video Content Marketing

video content marketing can increase conversions, increase ROI and help you build relationships with viewers. You can choose to share your video marketing content on social media platforms, site pages, or on your partners' websites – you can even go viral!

Making the creation of videos an integral part of any content marketing strategy is very advantageous because this class of content is one of the most shared on social networks.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, which sends newsletters and promotions to your target audience via email, is also an excellent way to inform the public about your content and news and to spread your commercial offers.

E-book Content Marketing

Knowledge is a phenomenon that multiplies as it is shared. Sharing is caring. The best way to show your audience you care is to share information.

Podcast Content Marketing

Sponsored podcasts, where interviews with experts in the field and information about the industry and innovations are given, have already taken a huge place.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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How is Content Marketing done?

Content marketing involves a very long and complex process. Dozens of different studies have to be done in this process.

In short, in content marketing, the target audience should be determined first. By determining the audience that may be interested in your products and services, content that can attract the attention of this audience should be produced. Large audiences are always interested in content that is simple and understandable. In addition to these, competitor analysis should be done and original content should be produced. One of the most important stages of content marketing is the effective use of social media. When this whole process is completed, the data obtained is analyzed and reported. The efficiency of the studies is statistically controllable.

  • Set your goals: Set your marketing goals for your vision and missions. Then, identify the target audience you will address as a result of your analysis and get to know them. This is important for you to establish a sincere bond between your brand and your target audience.
  • Create your strategy: Decide how you will reflect the persona you have created through which digital channels. Most brands actually make mistakes by trying to be active on all social media platforms. The important thing is not to appear a little everywhere, but to be popular on the platform that will help you promote your brand in the best way.
  • Determine your content: What types of content and topics will you address to your target audience? What should the time range of your content be? Make detailed configuration by answering these questions. Make sure that your content is clear, sincere, understandable, offering solutions, attractive and niche.
  • Measure constantly: Analyze efficiency and effectiveness across the different types of content you publish. Make it easier for your target audience to reach your brand by doing SEO studies. Use the right digital tools to make your content reach more people.
  • Take advantage of social media: Posting your content on a blog or on your website is not enough. You should share your content marketing strategies on social media networks in order for your target audience to establish a loyalty bond with your brand and for your brand to gain prestige and credibility.
Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What are the benefits of Content Marketing?

It is the best way to reach your target audience by offering quality content. It allows you to convey the values of your brand. It also helps you attract and retain potential customers on social networks.

It is an excellent technique to improve your content and your website's search positioning. Creating articles and content relevant to your audience allows you to use SEO techniques that help you appear in the first few results in Google searches.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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Is Content Strategy necessary?

If you want your brand to be successful in content marketing, a content strategy must be created. Content strategy is the process of producing and disseminating original content.

Thanks to the content strategy, more effective promotions can be made against the target audience. In addition, brands that use such strategies also get more efficiency in their use of social media. With content strategy, you can convey your brand's vision, goals and story to your potential customers.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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Where to start a Content Marketing strategy?

One of the first questions to be asked in content marketing should be whether sufficient content is presented.

Could you adequately describe the product or services on your website? Besides, were you able to reach the target audience and stay in their minds? The second step after these will be your social media presence. How active and active is your brand on social media? If you are not in social media channels, you should create a profile from the most suitable channels to reach your target audience. Thus, you will have taken the first steps of content marketing.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
one year ago | gizem

Can brand awareness be increased with Content Marketing?

Promoting your brand to the public and keeping it in their memory is an important factor in the success of a marketing campaign. It is also possible to increase brand awareness with content marketing. However, content marketing alone will not be enough. You should also support it with other types of marketing and tools. Once you have engaged your audience with engaging content, you should be able to reach them and keep them in touch with you.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What does Content Marketing bring to the brand?

Content created with an effective content marketing strategy will certainly attract more attention than expected. Content that reaches the target audience and takes place in the customer will continue to be shared and reach large audiences without stopping. This will increase your site traffic and improve your SEO score.

Increasing the awareness and reputation of the brand is not achieved through direct advertisements. This is in line with content marketing. Therefore, a good PR work goes through a quality content marketing strategy.

Social media is the area that companies use most to communicate with customers. In order to reach and retain more audiences on social media, it is necessary to regularly present quality, valuable and relevant content.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What should quality content look like?

For a quality content, a content strategy should be determined first. When determining a content strategy, it is necessary to check all the features that a quality content should have.

These features are as follows;

  • Valuable
  • Effective
  • Organised
  • Relevant
  • Technical

High-quality content must be valuable above all else. What we mean by the word valuable is that it adds value to the target audience, as you can imagine. Does the person learn anything from this content? Does this content give your target audience a new perspective? Does he/she take a step towards learning a product or service that he/she does not know? The value implied here encompasses the answers to all these questions. People care less about content that will no longer benefit them than before, and this behavior allows the content to be shaped accordingly.

Valuable content must be effective. Your audience should feel the need to take action after the content. This need to take action may be actions such as sharing the content, making a decision about oneself, or wanting to learn about other content. Fun and engaging content is often the most impactful.

Layout is one of the most essential features that any content theme should have. Your target audience will connect with you through regular content sharing, which will allow you to establish a strong bond.

Content should be relevant to the wants and needs of the target audience. Relevance is the foundation of engaging content.

Quality content should definitely be technical. It must pass through professional hands and adapt to the digital world.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What are the steps of a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing strategy is a set of processes that includes preparing, presenting, distributing and observing the results of a content. Content marketing strategy consists of 4 stages;

  1. Preparation
  2. Presentation
  3. Distribution
  4. Observation

As in every business, a written and documented strategy is the easiest way to the goal in content marketing. Therefore, instead of starting out without a strategy and in a messy way, going step by step and systematically will provide you with an effective content marketing chance.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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What are the main goals of content marketing?

If Content Marketing is presented with good planning, effective results are obtained. The content on your website must be prepared in a way that appeals to the needs of the audience you are targeting. At the same time, this process should be in a periodic order. In this way, you will be able to attract the attention of your readers and make them become your potential customers and even increase them to a position that prefers your brand.

The main thing in Content Marketing is to attract potential customers to your website. The user searches on a search engine with any word, clicks on the websites he finds at the top or in the following ranks among the listed results and starts reading or examining what he is looking for. Availability in search results is actually the beginning of the potential buying process. If your website is found, the incoming user can be your customer.

The better you position your brand, product or service on social media platforms, the higher your status and reliability. Thus, you will have come a long way in achieving your goals.

Your corporate website, e-commerce site, mobile applications, video content. All your digital materials. It must be extremely complete, both technically and in terms of user experience. You should successfully meet your potential customer who reaches you from the search results. You should have a website that never experiences downtime. An uncluttered design, a clean and understandable language, simplicity and speed. All these are now very important criteria. Your website must meet them. All pages on your website should be easily accessible. The menu layout should be placed in such a way that the user can move easily and find what he wants without difficulty. All details must be well-constructed. Otherwise, you cannot prevent potential customers from leaving your site without taking action.

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What does a content marketing specialist do?

Content marketing specialist is the manager responsible for creating standards and presenting them in accordance with marketing strategies so that all written and visual content prepared within the company is permanent and interesting in all periods. They are mostly people who are affiliated with or work closely with marketing teams and have developed verbal and written communication skills.

A content marketing specialist is the person who needs to set the standards for content creation and monitor that the team that prepares the content adheres to these standards. In addition, they should contribute to the team by doing research during the preparation of the content.

It is also one of the tasks of the content marketing specialist to determine the target audience, if not often predetermined. If the predetermined target audience does not match the company's interests, it has the authority to change it.

He is also responsible for scheduling the content.

Finally, it makes sure that all the determined plans are implemented and follows up. They create reports and work with the marketing team.

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Why is creating content important?

Creating content is very important for users and potential customers. It is important to establish closer ties with your users and customers, to better explain your brand, and to add value with your content. With the content you create, you can increase your awareness and attract new people.

Content Marketing Content Marketing
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Why do brands need content?

Giving sincerity and trust to the customer at the marketing stage is a situation that gives brands an advantage. Creating content is also done to provide useful information about the product or service purchased. Based on this purpose, many brands that have made a name for themselves in the world create content.


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