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What does a content marketing specialist do? Content Marketing
one year ago | gizem

What does a content marketing specialist do?

Content marketing specialist is the manager responsible for creating standards and presenting them in accordance with marketing strategies so that all written and visual content prepared within the company is permanent and interesting in all periods. They are mostly people who are affiliated with or work closely with marketing teams and have developed verbal and written communication skills.

A content marketing specialist is the person who needs to set the standards for content creation and monitor that the team that prepares the content adheres to these standards. In addition, they should contribute to the team by doing research during the preparation of the content.

It is also one of the tasks of the content marketing specialist to determine the target audience, if not often predetermined. If the predetermined target audience does not match the company's interests, it has the authority to change it.

He is also responsible for scheduling the content.

Finally, it makes sure that all the determined plans are implemented and follows up. They create reports and work with the marketing team.