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Do you offer sessions? Luminary Lina - Financial Dominatrix
one year ago | mistresslina

Do you offer sessions?

Depends on what you consider to be a session.

Can you pay me £10 to edge you via text and then do a cum countdown? No.

Can you pay my tribute, get to know me, see if we vibe, earn playtime through findom servitude, get extra goodies when we banter? Yes

Can you pay my tribute and ask for a skype session for SPH and general degradation? You can ask, the answer will be no.

Can you pay my tribute, discuss a RT game that includes session elements for every x amount of comments or views, etc? Yes

This exchange is about my kinks and fetishes as much as it's about yours. Financial domination comes first. Catering to anything else is second, and is at my discretion.