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Do you offer video sessions? Luminary Lina - Financial Dominatrix
one year ago | mistresslina

Do you offer video sessions?

This is actually a weird one to answer.

98% of the time, I would say no.

No Skype, no camming, no Snapchat. I don’t enjoy it, it doesn’t fit into my day, and it’s mentally exhausting for my neurodivergent brain.

Long term subs who really get to know me, will get video response sessions after they've been earned.

The exception to this would be when playing with Teamviewer, but only if I feel you've enticed me enough. And I really mean that. I'm not going to entertain you on a video call for anything less than £150. It's not meant to be elitist, or offensive - I could get that amount sent in one minute, so if I'm going to do both a teamviewer session and a video session and probably work consensual blackmail/humiliation into that, it has to be worth it for me too.