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What is a tribute? Why do I have to pay it? How much is it? Luminary Lina - Financial Dominatrix
one year ago | mistresslina

What is a tribute? Why do I have to pay it? How much is it?

My tribute is £30. Sometimes I raise it to £50, depending on how toxic the community is.

At first glance, you might think, holy shit that is expensive.

Yes. Compared to new SW's flooding the scene, offering to drain and abuse you after a $10 tribute, I suppose it does look expensive. But findom is supposed to be a luxury fetish. It IS expensive. I am not and will not be accessible to just anyone. There are too many time wasters, too many people who don't understand findom, who aren't actually interested in findom, who are just trying to get content, etc.

A tribute is a sign of respect to a financial dominatrix. It is the way in which you verify that findom is your kink, that you understand and appreciate the work a Domme is constantly doing. It is how to open a line of communication and begin building trust. It is not a payment for a session. It is not a payment for me to talk to you, humiliate you, educate you, or make you get off.