The 7 Malay Segments

FAQ About The 7 Malay Segments

The 7 Malay Segments The 7 Malay Segments
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Q: How do we target the Malay Community ? 

A: By using the 7 Malay Segment report findings, we suggest using the IdeaScape STPA framework as a tool to help identify the best-fit target to your respective brands or products. Each segment has its own attractiveness, it depends on what your brand/service category and values. A simplify step-by-step approach as per below: 

  • Segment (S): Leverage on the findings from 7 Malay consumer segments for the insights on each segment looking at the common needs and interests
  • Target (T): Choose the segment that best-fit the brand/ service within the category; taking into consideration the attractiveness of each segments with the ability to win for your brand/service
  • Position (P): Create a role (proposition) for your brand/service to fit and resonate with the selected target group
  • Activate (A): Craft the strategies and develop plans to connect with the selected target consumers

Q: How can we target Malay consumers that are in the health and fitness category ? 

A: There are health conscious individuals through all categories. We’d recommend combining both our MYWellness Study and 7 Malay segments for more accurate insights.

Q: Which out of the 7 are the most to least challenging Malay Segments to handle and what would the best approach be to approach each individual segment ? 

A: Each segment poses its own challenges. It’d likely depend on what your brand/service category and which segment you’re trying to reach.

Q: How do I properly price products that will reflect Malay consumers' ideal perception on their preferred price point ? 

A: Each segment will have a different outlook on purchasing products, based on the segment's characteristics can determine the preferred price points for each segment.

Q: How do Malay consumers affect the market ?

A: Malay consumers makes forms the single largest consumer segment in Malaysia, which can impact the Malaysian market

The 7 Malay Segments The 7 Malay Segments
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Q: Would Malay consumers in the Klang Valley have different behaviours compared to Malays from other states, and if so, how would this affect our marketing strategies/targeting ?

A: Yes, our data indicated that there are differences observed across the different segments at different states.

The 7 Malay Segments The 7 Malay Segments
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Q: Do Malay consumers are in the patterns of Malay consumers typically more trend (FOMO) or culture related ? ( Culture or trend )

A: It depends on the segment, example segments like the Santai Chillax,

would typically shows trend like FOMO where this group of consumers would always want to be the first to experience new brands or products

Q: What do Malays prefer in a brand ?

A: Each segments have different preferences in their brand choice. You may refer to this 1 pager for further information :

The 7 Malay Segments The 7 Malay Segments
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Q: How do the 7 Malay segments impact the different industries ?

How can 7 Malay segments be applied in different industries ? *

A: It is relevant as the report is based on mindset and attitudes. It can be applied towards different industries based on relevant consumer insights


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