The 7 Malay Segments

FAQ About The 7 Malay Segments

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Q: How do we target the Malay Community ? 

A: By using the 7 Malay Segment report findings, we suggest using the IdeaScape STPA framework as a tool to help identify the best-fit target to your respective brands or products. Each segment has its own attractiveness, it depends on what your brand/service category and values. A simplify step-by-step approach as per below: 

  • Segment (S): Leverage on the findings from 7 Malay consumer segments for the insights on each segment looking at the common needs and interests
  • Target (T): Choose the segment that best-fit the brand/ service within the category; taking into consideration the attractiveness of each segments with the ability to win for your brand/service
  • Position (P): Create a role (proposition) for your brand/service to fit and resonate with the selected target group
  • Activate (A): Craft the strategies and develop plans to connect with the selected target consumers

Q: How can we target Malay consumers that are in the health and fitness category ? 

A: There are health conscious individuals through all categories. We’d recommend combining both our MYWellness Study and 7 Malay segments for more accurate insights.

Q: Which out of the 7 are the most to least challenging Malay Segments to handle and what would the best approach be to approach each individual segment ? 

A: Each segment poses its own challenges. It’d likely depend on what your brand/service category and which segment you’re trying to reach.

Q: How do I properly price products that will reflect Malay consumers' ideal perception on their preferred price point ? 

A: Each segment will have a different outlook on purchasing products, based on the segment's characteristics can determine the preferred price points for each segment.

Q: How do Malay consumers affect the market ?

A: Malay consumers makes forms the single largest consumer segment in Malaysia, which can impact the Malaysian market