Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One

FAQ About Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One

What is Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the BIG ONE 2023?

It is a fun run event where dogs and their owners come together to run, walk or jog, organized by UP-MMDA-Vanguard (UPMV) K9 Corps in celebration of its 6th year anniversary.

Who is UPMV K9 Corps?

The UP-MMDA-Vanguard (UPMV) K9 Corps trains dog owners and their pet canines to be capable of augmenting the search and rescue capabilities of the Metro Manila Development Authority. Since its inception in 2017, UPMV has produced nine batches of volunteers and K9s trained in disaster preparedness, adding to the disaster resilience effort of the country.

Why is UPMV K9 organizing a fun run?

The UPMV is organizing a fun run as part of its fundraising event in celebration of its 6th year anniversary. The organization aims to further improve the training facilities at the UP Diliman Department of the Military Science and Tactics (U.P. DMST) complex to ensure the successful continuation and implementation of the program. The upgrading project also responds to the growing demand of volunteers from different parts of the country, and we are encouraged by the show of interest and commitment to achieve community-based disaster preparedness and resilience through community effort.

When are the registration dates for the “Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the BIG ONE 2023”?

The online registration for "Aso ni Juan, Getting Ready for the Big One Year 2023" will start on July 28, 2023, and will end on September 10, 2023, while the on-site registration will end on October 8, 2023, at 5:00 a.m.

Who can register for the “Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One 2023”?

"Aso ni Juan, Getting Ready for the Big One Year 2023" is open to all dogs and their owners who are physically able to participate in the event. All participants must be responsible for their own safety and the safety of their dogs.

Is there an age limit for handlers to participate in the fun run?

This race is open to participants aged 10 and above. Participants who are below the legal age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Only one race kit will be given.

What are the requirements for the dog participants?

At least 6 months old (Please note that this restriction may vary depending on dog breed. Please consult your veterinarian to be sure.) With updated vaccination records (to be presented upon walk-in registration or uploaded upon online registration). Must wear harness/leash at all times during the event

A maximum of two dogs are permitted per person. A further PhP100 will be charged for the second  dog.

Do I need to be a runner to join the “Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One 2023”?

No,  the “Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One 2023” dog fun run is designed for participants of all fitness levels. You can choose to walk or run at your own pace.

Where and how can I and my dog join the “Aso ni Juan Getting Ready for the Big One 2023”?

The online registration can be done by scanning the QR Code below:

Registration Process:

  1. Complete the registration using the QR Code.
  2. Continue with the payment through the Nextpay account of our partner Vanguard Makati Chapter.
  3. Once payment is successful, you will receive an SMS Confirmation.
  4. UPMV K9 Corps will email the claim date of your race kit. When claiming, please do not forget to bring your ID and a copy of your Payment Confirmation email (printed or screen shot).

What will I do if I don’t get a confirmation email?

If you did not receive a confirmation email within one week of registration, please contact UP-MMDA-Vanguard K9 via Messenger or via email at [email protected].

Can I change my category and t-shirt size after registration?

Category and size cannot be changed or updated once payment has been completed.

Can I bring more than one dog?

Maximum of 2 dogs per person. Add PHP 100 for an additional dog.

How to register for BARKada Bundle?

Message the UP-MMDA-Vanguard K9 via Messenger or via email at [email protected] for registration instructions and assistance.

Can we register in different categories for the BARKada Bundle?

No. All 10 registrants should be in the same category. The plus one may register either in duo or solo if the group registered for duo, but he/she can only register in solo if the group registered for the solo category. If the group decides to register for the duo category, registration fee for dogs applies even if not all participants have dogs.

How can I claim my race kit?

The Race Kit must be claimed at the UP DMST Quadrangle from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 23 or 30, 2023, or at the event. UPMV K9 Corps will also email the instructions on how, when, and where to claim the race kit within one week of registration.

Can I have my race kit claimed by someone else?

Yes, provided that the person making the claim possesses a letter of authorization and a copy of the registrant's legal identification.

Is it required to wear the race t-shirt and dog bandanas or race bib during the fun run?

Wearing of race t-shirt & dog bandanas during the run is not required but is highly encouraged. Wearing the race bib is required.

What time should I be at the venue?

Participants must check in at the starting line 10 minutes before gun time starts.

Can I bring along a family member who is not registered?

Yes, but they are not allowed to enter the race track. However, we encourage them to visit the DMST Quadrangle to see other UPMV K9 Corps Anniversary Event Activities and sponsors’ booths.

If I decide to cancel my registration, may I request a refund?

Registration is non-refundable. Registration is considered official when payment is made. ​If the race is canceled or postponed due to reasons beyond our control, registrants will automatically be entered, free of charge, into the next (or rescheduled) race.

Can dogs wear accessories or costumes during the fun run, or should they only wear their regular leash and collar?

Throughout the event, dogs must always be leashed or wearing a harness. During the race, other accessories like prong, choke, or spike collars are prohibited, but using muzzles is encouraged for reactive dogs. The decision to dress the dog in a costume is up to the owner.

Are pet strollers or carriers allowed during the race?

No. For the safety of all participants, pet strollers or carriers are not permitted in all categories during the race. However, you are allowed to use them at the DMST Quadrangle during the UPMV K9 Corps. 6th Year Anniversary Celebration.

What sort of dog breeds are allowed to join the fun run?

There is no breed restriction. However, the organizers of "Aso ni Juan, Getting Ready for the Big One Year 2023" will not be liable for any injuries incurred during the event. If you are not sure, please consult your vet before signing up for the race.

My dog is in heat; can we still join the fun run?

For the safety of all participants, a dog in heat is not allowed to join the fun run.

My dog is pregnant, can we still join the fun run?

We do not encourage the pet owners to register their pregnant dog in the fun run.

Will there be parking designated for the race runners?

There is no designated parking for the race runners, but you may check out the following areas: Palma, Jacinto ride side, College of Architecture, Quirino Avenue and College of Music.

Will there be a baggage storage facility in the event?

Baggage storage facilities will be provided by the organizer. However, the organizer is not responsible or liable for any damage or loss.

Will there be hydration stations available?

There are three hydration stations for you and your dog. No cups will be provided; bring your own water bottle.

What other activities are there in the event aside from the fun run?

UPMV K9 Corps has also prepared other activities related to pet ownership, rescue, and disaster preparedness. Please see below for the complete list of activities.

SEMINAR 1 - Intro to Animal Disaster Management

SEMINAR 2 - Dog First Aid

SEMINAR 3 - Behavior/House Routines

OB/Agility Sessions

Games and Raffle Draws

Booths for food & beverages, as well as pet supplies, are also available at the event.


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