What is the role of a facilitator in teaching EVS? EVS
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What is the role of a facilitator in teaching EVS?

Role of a facilitator/Teacher

Learning through real-life processes and experiences is an effective way of learning among children.

By using school and local environment as the learning ground, we as teachers ensure that our students follow their naturally preferred way of learning, thereby enhancing their learning, knowledge and competence.

  • It is said that learning made from the immediate environment and from real life experiences remains with the individual for a longer period of time.
  • Also such learning is easier to be recalled and applied in the later stage of life.
  • Bring in social context, and encourage coopĂ©ration and collaboration based learning within and outside the class.

As a facilitator, the teacher's job is to support every student to do their best thinking and practice. As a facilitator, the teacher encourages the full participation of students, promotes mutual understanding, and cultivates shared responsibility among students.

Teachers promote behavior directed towards environmental protection and lead to transformation that overcomes that reality, both in its natural and social aspects. They help develop learners the skills and aptitudes necessary to understand ecological issues and take necessary actions.