What strategies are used in teaching EVS?
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What strategies are used in teaching EVS?

Children have an innate curiosity, but they require assistance in understanding their   observations and how to relate the new information to their existing knowledge. When teachers encourage  children to question, predict, explain and explore in a safe environment, they offer children the support that is essential for becoming successful environmental science/studies students and thinkers.

Teaching Strategies:According to E. Stones and S Morris, "Teaching strategy is a generalized plan for a lesson, which includes structure, desired learner behavior in terms of goals of instruction and an outline of planned tactics necessary to implement the strategy. The lesson strategy is a part of a larger development scheme of the curriculum."

To accomplish the objective of teaching, it is expected that teacher should use different kind of resources available to them in order to transfer the knowledge and present the matter in a very powerful and effective way.

Types of Teaching Strategy

 Autocratic Style

Autocratic style of teaching strategies is traditional. The autocratic style strategies are content centered, the teacher remains more active and students are passive listeners. The main emphasis is on presentation. These strategies do not consider the student abilities, interests and personality of the learner. There is no freedom for the learner in this teaching process.

These are highly subjective and conventional styles of teaching process, e.g. lectures, tutorials etc.

 Permissive Style

It is mainly child-centered; the pupils largely determine content. The effective objectives are mainly achieved by permissive style strategies.

These strategies create situations for student and teacher interaction and both remain active in teaching. Teaching is organized with the consideration of student interest, abilities and values. These strategies encourage the creativity of the pupils, e.g. project, group discussion, role playing, brainstorming etc. Broadly, all teaching methods can be divided into 3 categories

   1.  Telling Method: It includes lectures, tutorials, presentations etc.

   2.  Showing Method: It includes demonstration, project, survey etc.

   3.  Doing Method:It includes practicals, experimentation, role play etc.