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Can CGI be used for virtual reality applications? Future of CGi
one year ago | gizem

Can CGI be used for virtual reality applications?

Yes, CGI (computer-generated imagery) can be used for virtual reality (VR) applications, and in fact, it is a key technology used in many VR experiences.

In VR, users wear a headset that places them in a fully immersive digital environment, allowing them to move around and interact with virtual objects in real-time. This requires creating a 3D environment that is rendered in real-time, which is where CGI comes in.

CGI can be used to create realistic and immersive 3D environments, objects, and characters that users can interact with in VR. This includes everything from detailed landscapes and buildings to complex machinery and intricate characters.

In addition to creating 3D environments, CGI can also be used for advanced physics simulations, which can help to create realistic movement and interactions between objects in the virtual world. This can include simulations of fluid dynamics, particle systems, and even complex physics engines.