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Which softwares are used for 3D designs? Future of CGi
2 years ago | gizem

Which softwares are used for 3D designs?

Blender is the largest open source tool for 3D creations. Blender, combines almost every aspect of 3D creation.

Maya is great at modeling,texturing, lighting and rendering.

Houdini is the procedural power of today's cinema VFX. Houidini is well known for its incredible VFX simulations and it also features traditional tools for directly interacting with polygons.

Cinema 4D is a well-designed modeling software with easy learning curves even for beginners. It's highly recommended for visualizations, illustrations and motion graphics.

3DS Max is a windows only modeling software which is often used for feature film productions and product visualizations.

ZBrush is the leading scouting software. It's great for creating organic shapes.