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How to make online education more fun? Online Teaching
one year ago | gizem

How to make online education more fun?

Although it is not possible to carry the methods applied in face-to-face education exactly, some of them can be applicable. The teacher can also adapt the fun activities that he/she applies in the classroom environment to the live lesson.

Students have very short attention spans. Especially today, the focus time of children who are in contact with many stimuli has decreased to 15 minutes. Taking short breaks with games will restore focus and make lessons more fun.

Participation of students in the lesson is one of the important factors that increase the interaction among students. More fun lessons can be taught by participating in the lesson in a classroom environment. The teacher can ask various questions to his students during the live lesson without worrying about grades and can organize surveys with these questions. These questionnaires will be a tool that will add fun to the lesson, as it will make the student attend the lesson and wonder whether the choice he has chosen is correct.