FAQ About Student's Guide to College and University Selection

How do I know if a college or university has a strong alumni network?

Look for notable alumni: Research the college or university's notable alumni in your field of interest. This can include successful professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other prominent figures. If the institution has a strong history of producing successful graduates in your field, it's likely that they have a strong alumni network.

Look for alumni events: Check if the college or university hosts alumni events in your area or online. If there are many events and activities that bring alumni together, it's a good sign that there's a strong alumni network.

Look at alumni giving rates: Check the percentage of alumni who donate to the college or university. High alumni giving rates are an indication of strong loyalty and engagement within the alumni community.

Look for alumni mentoring or networking opportunities: Check if the college or university offers alumni mentoring or networking opportunities. This could include career fairs, job shadowing, or mentorship programs. If there are many opportunities for alumni to connect and support each other, it's a good sign that the alumni network is strong.

Talk to current students and alumni: Reach out to current students and alumni in your field of interest to learn more about their experiences with the alumni network. They can provide valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the alumni network.