FAQ About Student's Guide to College and University Selection

How important are extracurricular activities in the college or university selection process?

Personal Growth: Extracurricular activities can help you develop new skills, interests, and talents that can contribute to personal growth and well-being. They can also help you build confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose.

Career Advancement: Participating in extracurricular activities can demonstrate your leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and passion for your interests. This can be valuable for future job prospects and graduate school applications.

Community Building: Extracurricular activities can help you build a sense of community and connection with other students who share your interests. This can contribute to a positive campus experience and social support.

Balanced Life: Engaging in extracurricular activities can also help you maintain a balanced life by providing opportunities for stress relief, relaxation, and personal fulfillment outside of academic work.

When selecting a college or university, it can be helpful to consider the range of extracurricular activities and opportunities available on campus. Look for institutions that offer activities that align with your interests and goals, and consider the quality and depth of those programs. Additionally, consider the campus culture and community to ensure that it supports and values extracurricular involvement. While extracurricular activities should not be the sole basis for selecting a college or university, they can be an important factor in your overall college experience.