FAQ About Student's Guide to College and University Selection

How do I research the faculty at a college or university?

Researching the faculty at a college or university can be an important step in selecting the right institution for you. Here are a few ways to research the faculty at a college or university:

Visit the institution's website: Many colleges and universities provide information about their faculty on their websites. You can usually find information about each professor's education, research interests, and publications.

Look up faculty members on Google Scholar: You can use Google Scholar to find out more about the research that faculty members at the institution have conducted. This can give you a sense of the quality and depth of research being done at the institution.

Attend virtual or in-person events: Many institutions host events where you can meet with faculty members, ask questions, and learn more about their areas of expertise.

Talk to current students or alumni: Current students and alumni can provide valuable insights into the faculty at the institution, including their teaching styles, accessibility, and expertise in their fields.

Look up faculty rankings and evaluations: There are a variety of websites and publications that rank colleges and universities based on the quality of their faculty. These rankings can be a useful tool for comparing the faculty at different institutions.