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one year ago | alfred

How many postcode areas are there in Wales?

There are 11 postcode areas in Wales. These postcode areas are:

  1. CF - Cardiff
  2. LD - Llandrindod Wells
  3. LL - Llandudno
  4. NP - Newport
  5. SA - Swansea
  6. SY - Shrewsbury (covers a part of mid-Wales)
  7. HR - Hereford (covers a part of eastern Wales)
  8. CH - Chester (covers a part of northeastern Wales)
  9. GL - Gloucester (covers a part of southeastern Wales)
  10. BS - Bristol (covers a part of southern Wales)
  11. EX - Exeter (covers a small part of southwestern Wales)

Please note that some postcode areas, such as SY, HR, CH, GL, BS, and EX, cover both parts of Wales and England due to their location along the border. These postcode areas are still included in the list because they serve locations within Wales.