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one year ago | alfred

What are the biggest postcode areas by population in the UK?

The population within a postcode area can vary significantly, with larger urban areas generally having higher populations. While precise rankings may change over time due to population growth and movement, some of the biggest postcode areas in the UK by population include:

London postcode areas (E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W, WC): As the capital and largest city in the UK, London has a considerably higher population than any other region. Its multiple postcode areas cover different parts of the city.

B - Birmingham: As the second-largest city in the UK, Birmingham has a high population density, making the B postcode area one of the largest by population.

M - Manchester: Manchester is another major urban center, with a significant population living within the M postcode area.

G - Glasgow: As the largest city in Scotland, the G postcode area, which covers Glasgow and its surrounding areas, has a substantial population.

L - Liverpool: The L postcode area covers Liverpool and its surrounding areas, which also have a considerable population.

LS - Leeds: Leeds is one of the largest cities in the UK, and its LS postcode area has a significant population as well.

Please note that these rankings are approximate and can change over time due to population shifts and other factors. Additionally, the population in each postcode area may vary greatly within that area, with higher densities in urban centers and lower densities in suburban or rural regions.