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What I need to know?
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Firts step in sales

Of course, all you have to do is entertain your client and provide them with the information they require, which you already know and have. Then, inquire whether your client wishes to be evaluated by one of our sales representatives or to view the unit.

When they're ready, have them sign the AOA,(appointment agency form) or client registration form on the link provided below to seal the deal.


If you fail to register your clients with us and the other group closes the sales, you and your group will be unable to claim the sales because they were not registered with us.

What I need to know?
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Details I need to know about my Client (Part 1)

To make it easier to evaluate them, have them fill out the buyer's information sheet and request a sample computation from our marketing coordinator.

Once you have both, you can determine whether the client is eligible for the required gross monthly income.

If the client refuses to sign or fill out the purchase information sheet, verify whether the client has the following issues:

  1. Marital issues (separated)
  2. Cancelled Card (if so, inquire as to when, how much, which bank, how many cards, and whether they are willing to settle these credits).
  3. Existing loans (if yes, how much monthly amortization, through the bank or in-house,year and remaining loan balance)
  4. Pending court case (when and if it is resolved)
  5. bounced check (please inquire as to why).d Check (please inqui
What I need to know?
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Details I need to Know about my Client Part 2

  1. Client Income

Make sure to know their Gross monthly income excluding the following:

  • excluding overtime pay
  • bonuses
  • commissions (It is dependent on whether or not this is reflected in their payslip and whether or not they receive the same amount of monthly commission)
  1. Client Employement:
  • Employment (regularity and length of service)
  • If they have a part-time job, make sure they ensure the following:
  • Certificate of Employment (COE)
  • Most recent ITR income tax return
  • Payslip

If the client cannot provide the following requirements for their part-time job, the bank will not include and accept it.

What I need to know?
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Client eligibility

The client is eligible to purchase the unit if and only if the following conditions are met:

  1. They met gross monthly income solely on the basis of salary, excluding any undocumented income (e.g., commission, part-time job).
  2. There are no legal proceedings pending.
  3. There was no bounced check (it depends on the situation)
  4. There must be no cancelled cards or a willingness to settle.
  5. There are no marital issues, not unlessthat the ex-partner is willing to sign and cooperate with all procedures.
What I need to know?
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Who is eligible to be a co-borrower?

Immediate family members:

  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Wife
  • Husband
  • Parents

have a regular job and met all of the loan application requirements.

What I need to know?
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What if my clients is working abroad?

You must execute an SPA if you need someone else to deal with your real estate property in the Philippines.

Special Power of Attorney, better known simply as "SPA," is a legal document used in the Philippines which authorizes another person to do things on your behalf. Said document must be notarized, which means that it should be signed in front of a notary public.

It is far preferable to ask a relative to assist you.

Our sales department will send an SPA agreement for the principal borrower to sign.


What I need to know?
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For other questions that are not listed in "FAQ's", you may contact our marketing coordinator.

Facebook: Firebird Holdings Corp.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketing.fhdc

What I need to know?
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Construction of unit

A unit takes 6 to 10 months to build, depending on the situation, especially if there are any unanticipated situations to avoid.


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