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What I need to know?
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Details I need to know about my Client (Part 1)

To make it easier to evaluate them, have them fill out the buyer's information sheet and request a sample computation from our marketing coordinator.

Once you have both, you can determine whether the client is eligible for the required gross monthly income.

If the client refuses to sign or fill out the purchase information sheet, verify whether the client has the following issues:

  1. Marital issues (separated)
  2. Cancelled Card (if so, inquire as to when, how much, which bank, how many cards, and whether they are willing to settle these credits).
  3. Existing loans (if yes, how much monthly amortization, through the bank or in-house,year and remaining loan balance)
  4. Pending court case (when and if it is resolved)
  5. bounced check (please inquire as to why).d Check (please inqui