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YA Fantasy Books
9 months ago | gizem

Are there any YA Fantasy books inspired by real historical events?

Yes, there are several YA Fantasy books that draw inspiration from real historical events, periods, or cultures. These books blend elements of history and fantasy, creating rich and imaginative worlds that resonate with readers. Here are some YA Fantasy novels with historical inspirations:

  • "And I Darken" by Kiersten White: This series is a gender-swapped retelling of the life of Vlad the Impaler, reimagining him as Lada Dragwlya, a fierce and brutal princess.
  • "The Diviners" series by Libba Bray: Set in the 1920s, this series follows a diverse group of characters with unique abilities who uncover supernatural mysteries in New York City.
  • "The Wrath and the Dawn" by Renée Ahdieh: Inspired by "One Thousand and One Nights," this novel takes place in a sumptuous Arabian setting and follows the story of Shahrzad, who volunteers to be the wife of a murderous king.
  • "The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue" by Mackenzi Lee: Set in the 18th century, this historical fantasy follows Monty, Percy, and Felicity as they embark on a grand tour of Europe filled with adventure and magical elements.
  • "Serpent & Dove" by Shelby Mahurin: Drawing inspiration from historical France, this book features a witch and witch hunter who form an unlikely alliance and discover a deeper magical conspiracy.
  • "The Gilded Wolves" by Roshani Chokshi: Set in a lush, Belle Époque-inspired Paris, the novel follows a diverse group of characters as they hunt for powerful artifacts.
  • "The Bone Season" by Samantha Shannon: This dystopian fantasy takes place in an alternate version of 19th-century London and follows a clairvoyant young woman named Paige as she navigates a dangerous world.
  • "Walk on Earth a Stranger" by Rae Carson: Set during the California Gold Rush, this novel follows Lee Westfall, a girl with the magical ability to sense gold, as she embarks on a journey to the west.
  • "Stalking Jack the Ripper" by Kerri Maniscalco: This historical fantasy mystery is set in 1888 London and follows Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a young woman fascinated by forensic science who becomes involved in the investigation of Jack the Ripper.
  • "An Enchantment of Ravens" by Margaret Rogerson: Drawing from folklore and fairy tales, this novel is set in a world inspired by 17th-century England and follows a talented artist who gets entangled with dangerous faeries.