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YA Fantasy Books
9 months ago | gizem

What are some common tropes in YA Fantasy books?

YA Fantasy, like any genre, often incorporates familiar tropes that have become popular with readers. These tropes add a sense of familiarity and comfort, but they can also be used creatively to subvert expectations and add depth to the story. Here are some common tropes often found in YA Fantasy books:

  • Chosen One: The protagonist is destined to play a crucial role in a grand quest or battle, often possessing unique abilities or a special connection to magic or a higher power.
  • Magical Academy: The protagonist attends a school or academy to learn magic and develop their abilities, where they make friends and enemies, and face challenges.
  • Love Triangle: A romantic trope involving the protagonist caught in a love triangle with two potential love interests, often complicating their decisions and emotions.
  • Quest or Journey: The protagonist embarks on a journey or quest to find a magical artifact, defeat an evil force, or fulfill a prophecy.
  • Forbidden Love: The romance involves characters from different worlds, species, or social classes, facing societal or magical barriers to their love.
  • Villain Redemption: A once-evil character seeks redemption and joins forces with the protagonists to defeat a greater threat.
  • Prophecy: A foretelling or prophecy that predicts the protagonist's destiny or role in shaping the fate of the world.
  • Rebellion Against Oppressive Regime: The protagonist becomes part of a rebellion or resistance movement to overthrow an oppressive government or evil ruler.
  • Portal to Another World: The protagonist discovers a portal or magical gateway that leads to a fantastical realm.
  • Hidden Identity: The protagonist conceals their true identity or powers to protect themselves or others.
  • Fairy Tale Retellings: Classic fairy tales are reimagined and woven into the story's fantasy world.
  • Orphan Protagonist: The protagonist is an orphan or has a mysterious and unknown heritage.
  • Reluctant Hero: The protagonist is initially reluctant to accept their role or powers but eventually embraces their destiny.
  • Mentor Figure: An experienced and wise mentor guides and trains the protagonist in their magical journey.
  • Magical Creatures: The story features magical creatures such as dragons, elves, or unicorns as integral parts of the world.