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9 months ago | gizem

How does the "chosen one" trope evolve in modern YA Fantasy?

The "chosen one" trope has evolved significantly in modern YA Fantasy, moving away from traditional and predictable narratives to more complex and nuanced portrayals. Authors have recognized the potential pitfalls of the trope and have found innovative ways to subvert or reinvent it, resulting in fresh and engaging stories. Here are some ways the "chosen one" trope has evolved in modern YA Fantasy:

  • Diverse Representation: Modern YA Fantasy embraces diversity, with protagonists coming from various cultural backgrounds, races, genders, and identities. This diversity challenges the notion of a singular "chosen one" and celebrates the uniqueness of different characters.
  • Multiple Chosen Ones: Rather than having a single chosen protagonist, some stories feature multiple chosen ones, each with distinct roles and destinies. This approach creates complex dynamics and explores the interconnectedness of characters.
  • Reluctant Heroes: Protagonists are often reluctant to embrace their chosen status, adding depth to their character arcs as they grapple with the weight of their destiny and the sacrifices it demands.
  • Deconstructing Prophecies: Authors deconstruct or question the reliability of prophecies in their narratives, blurring the lines between fate and free will, and challenging characters to forge their own paths.
  • Destiny vs. Personal Agency: Modern YA Fantasy delves into the balance between fulfilling a destiny and exercising personal agency. Characters actively make choices that shape their journey rather than merely following a predetermined path.
  • Antiheroes and Gray Morality: Some stories feature antiheroes or morally ambiguous protagonists as the chosen ones. These characters challenge traditional notions of heroism and explore the complexities of good and evil.
  • Subverting Expectations: Authors surprise readers by subverting traditional "chosen one" expectations, leading to unexpected twists and plot developments.
  • Mental Health and Emotional Struggles: Modern YA Fantasy explores the psychological toll of being the chosen one, addressing issues of anxiety, self-doubt, and the burden of responsibility.
  • Power of Friendship and Teamwork: Instead of relying solely on the chosen one's individual strength, many stories emphasize the power of friendship and teamwork in overcoming challenges.
  • Embracing Failure: Characters may fail in their initial attempts to fulfill their destinies, leading to growth, resilience, and a deeper understanding of themselves.