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How to manage time when creating a content? Content Consistency
2 years ago | gizem

How to manage time when creating a content?

The first thing you need to do is realize that it will take a real time to produce something. For example, when shooting a YouTube video, there are many elements such as preparing for this video, dressing, preparing the text beforehand, then shooting and editing the video. All of these need to be factored into the time calculation. Let's say for a 15-minute YouTube video, all the above tasks took an average of 3 hours. The next one took 2 hours 55 minutes. This means that over time, you become easier to handle some things in this job. This is also good for time management.

It doesn't matter how much time it takes to produce a piece of content at first. It's more important to learn how much time it takes over time. So you can see how quickly you are improving your time management.