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Where should I start being consistent? Content Consistency
2 years ago | gizem

Where should I start being consistent?

The goal here is really to provide continuity. Not pretending to do something you thought you couldn't do in the first place. If you set yourself a very exaggerated goal, you will be disappointed when you cannot achieve this goal. This will cause you to lose interest.

It's important to start small. For example, make a promise to yourself that you will share a story on Instagram every day. Pretty simple isn't it? Let's imagine that your content is books, put photos such as a sentence, a page, the cover of the book from the book you read every day in your story. In fact, if we combine it with our previous posts, take these photos in one day and share them throughout the week. So you create continuity.

Then, when you think that you have mastered this continuity and your habit has formed, now move on to a different area and decide to post on your feed. Maybe 1 post every day.