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What should social media language be? Content Consistency
one year ago | gizem

What should social media language be?

The next stage of Social Media Planning is the style and language of the messages to be conveyed to the target audience by the publications to be made in the selected social media channels.

  • In order to increase the interaction of advertisements and shares (for example, contest, award, survey), the preparation of visual media, photography, video and graphic works and their publication periods should be determined.
  • For special days (New Year's Eve, holidays, special days), the content of the messages to be transmitted should also be determined in advance.
  • With the right language, the targeted audience can be interacted with. The correct use of Turkish and communication with the questions of social media users in a complete corporate language are also important for the moderation management of social media planning.
  • In the planning of social media post designs, the communication language and communication setup of the institution must also be determined.