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What does brand identity encompass? Corporate Identity Design
2 years ago | sener

What does brand identity encompass?

The basis of brand identity is a logo, colour palette, and typography. An up-to-date and authentic logo, colours integrated with the brand's definitions, and typography choices play a key role in conveying the brand's messages correctly.

Visual assets to be prepared on this will ensure consistent marketing. Prepared assets can be used in many formats such as brochures, catalogues, one-pager, Google ad designs, and social media images.

In addition, stationery (business card, envelope, letterhead, notebook, bag) and wayfinding (signboard, signs) are among the brand identity materials.

Corporate presentations and presentation templates are also part of the brand identity.

Sometimes a scent or a tree can also be part of the brand identity. For example, many airlines have cabin odours.