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How did Hello Kitty celebrate her anniversary milestones? Hello Kitty
8 months ago | gizem

How did Hello Kitty celebrate her anniversary milestones?

Hello Kitty has celebrated several significant anniversary milestones over the years with various events, collaborations, and special merchandise releases. Each milestone is an opportunity for Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans to come together and celebrate this beloved character's enduring popularity. Here are some examples of how Hello Kitty has celebrated her anniversary milestones:

  • 10th Anniversary (1984): Hello Kitty's 10th anniversary was marked by the release of limited edition collectibles, including commemorative coins and special merchandise featuring a "10" theme.
  • 20th Anniversary (1994): Sanrio held a Hello Kitty World Convention in Los Angeles to celebrate her 20th anniversary. The event featured Hello Kitty-themed activities, displays, and exclusive merchandise.
  • 30th Anniversary (2004): For her 30th anniversary, Sanrio introduced special limited edition items, including jewelry, fashion accessories, and a Hello Kitty credit card.
  • 35th Anniversary (2009): Sanrio launched the "Hello Kitty for President" campaign, allowing fans to vote for Hello Kitty as a write-in candidate for U.S. President. Special edition merchandise and events were also part of the celebration.
  • 40th Anniversary (2014): The 40th anniversary was marked by a global "Share a Hug with Hello Kitty" campaign, where fans were encouraged to share their Hello Kitty hugs on social media. Special events and collaborations took place worldwide.
  • 45th Anniversary (2019): Sanrio celebrated Hello Kitty's 45th anniversary with a "Friends Around the World Tour" event. It included a pop-up interactive experience featuring Hello Kitty and her friends in different global settings.
  • 50th Anniversary (2024): While I do not have information on specific events or details for the 50th anniversary, it's highly likely that Sanrio will plan special celebrations, collaborations, and limited edition merchandise releases to commemorate this milestone.