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What are paid media channels? Paid Media
one year ago | gizem

What are paid media channels?

Paid media has changed over the years. With these changes, we can collect paid media channels under five headings.

Social Media

It can probably be considered the most popular among them. We use social media frequently in our daily lives. And now almost every social media has paid options.

There are many social media channels, especially channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

Search Engine Ads

When we say search engine ads, we are talking about PPC and PPI. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and PPI (Pay-Per-Impression).

PPC can be briefly described as an advertisement type that is published on the site to be advertised and in which the advertiser spends money when someone clicks on the advertisement.

On the other hand, PPI ads are the type of ads in which the advertiser directly spends money when someone sees the ad on the site.

Banner Ads

Display ads and web ads are other names for banner ads, which are typically visual, image-based advertisements that appear on websites for a brief time and direct users to the advertiser's website or a particular landing page. This kind of advertisement is a graphic or animated gif that is integrated into the publisher's website.


Users are reached by outdoor and public space out-of-home (OOH) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Through billboards, posters, bus shelters, benches, movie theaters, etc., OOH has been used as a part of traditional advertising to reach consumers while they commute, shop, etc. There was no use of digital or programmatic in this advertising channels. 

Native Ads

Native advertisements are those text or image ads that blend in with the layout, typeface, and appearance of the page they are displayed on. They appear as In-Feed, Sponsored/Recommended Content, Search & Promoted Listings, Promoted Stories, and other formats on publisher websites. Advertorials that educate and affect conversions are also a part of this style of advertisement.