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Terrarium Terrarium
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What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a small garden in a closed glass container, usually a glass enclosure used for storing and observing small plants or animals.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Is water supplied to the terrarium?

The terrarium is watered twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. Irrigation of terrariums prepared with succulents is done with the help of water spray. You can test the soil moisture by lightly dipping your finger into the soil before watering. The terrarium can handle a very small amount of water.

Terrarium Terrarium
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How to care for a terrarium?

Terrarium care is not difficult, with a little sensitivity, your plants can stay for many years. The terrarium should be kept in a bright environment during the summer months. When the terrarium receives little light, when it is not fed enough, fading occurs in its leaves. To avoid this, it is important to find the right light.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Do terrariums like light?

Care should be taken to ensure that terrariums do not receive direct sunlight. If the terrarium does not find the right light, the plants shed their leaves, yellowing and wilting occurs. If your plant is not getting sunlight, you should water less. It will be sufficient to gradually increase the light.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Are terrariums alive?

We can say that the terrarium is the aquarium of the land environment. Terrariums; They are miniature living spaces that offer a vibrant life in transparent and durable containers.

Terrarium Terrarium
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How many days are the succulents in the terrarium watered?

Succulent, which is a warm climate plant, completes its development in spring and summer. The plant, which is very sensitive to cold, should be watered every 20-30 days during the winter months.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Does the terrariums bloom?

In the summer, the cacti wake up and some bloom, watering more during these periods and little watering during the winter.

Terrarium Terrarium
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How long do terrariums last?

In theory, a perfectly set up closed terrarium should - under the right conditions - continue to thrive indefinitely. The longest known terrarium survived on its own for 53 years. They can even stay alive longer than our lifetime.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Which plants can be used in the terrarium?

The fern is an indoor plant. It likes humid weather. Therefore, it is a plant suitable for growing in a terrarium.

Forest ivy loves moisture. The need for irrigation is very less. The humidity it provides from the air of the environment is sufficient.

You can also prefer sagina, salaginella species and Norwegian moss.

It would not be wrong to say that Salaginella moss is exactly for terrarium. Salaginella loves moisture very much. You can even put a bell on it when you're dehydrated. This feature makes salaginella a complete terrarium plant.

Norway moss has started to take its place among decorative plants in recent years. It does not require anything extra as maintenance. Therefore, it is an ideal plant for indoor terrariums.

For open lanterns, you should consider plants that love less moisture than more moisture level. Plants suitable for open lantern are as follows; Air plants, cacti, succulents…

Cacti are often preferred in terrariums because they are desert plants and fall into the dwarf plant class. Since the cactus does not like too much moisture, you can grow it in a terrarium.

The succulent plant has similar characteristics with the cactus. It does not like too much moisture and because it stores excess water in its leaves, there is no need for much watering in the terrarium.

Terrarium Terrarium
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What are terrarium materials?

To prepare a stylish terrarium, you will need to procure the terrarium materials listed:

  • A terrarium lantern made of glass that you have chosen according to your taste. The lanterns can be in fruit, animal, plant, pyramid and vehicle figures.
  • Various terrarium plants suitable for the space you want to create,
  • Large and small pebbles in the colors you want,
  • Specially produced terrarium soil and peat,
  • Long tongs or tweezers for the decorations you will place on the base of the bell jar,
  • Spray bottle to water the plant,
  • Activated carbon,
  • Colorful terrarium sand for coloring,
  • Decor products that change according to your imagination,
  • Seashells for those who want to create a sea air,
  • Terrarium moss to balance humidity.
Terrarium Terrarium
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How to make a Terrarium at home?

There are some basic steps when it comes to making a terrarium at home. These steps are;

  1. Choose a Lantern: Wash the terrarium bell you will use well and let it dry.
  2. Pebbles: Place pebbles on the base of the bell in any shape and design you wish.
  3. Prevent Bacteria: Pour activated carbon on the pebble. Thus, you will not allow the formation of any bacteria.
  4. Feed the Plant: After spreading the charcoal, distribute the special peat in the jar and press it. Peat will feed your plant.
  5. Edit: Now it's time to place the plants. Make small slots on the peat and place your plant in these slots.
  6. Water of Life: Water several times with a spray to give the plants life water.
  7. Color it: When you want to add decorative products, arrange according to your imagination so that it is not too crowded. If you use too large decors, your plant will not be able to get the necessary oxygen.
  8. Do not leave it indifferent: Do not neglect to periodically maintain the terrarium you have prepared.
Terrarium Terrarium
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What are the important steps in the care of terrarium plants?

The plants you will use in the terrarium do not like a very humid environment. For this reason, you should either choose an open terrarium or find plants that do not like moisture.

In order for the terrarium plants not to rot, you should pay attention to the issue of watering. When watering, instead of pouring water directly, it will be enough to give your plants a small amount of water from a spray bottle. Because you can rot your terrarium plants by giving too much water. If you experience this situation, you can clean the rotten parts with a sharp thin tool.

Do not expose the terrarium to too much sunlight. It will be enough to protect the health of the terrarium in a place with bright and fresh air.

Terrarium Terrarium
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Who invented the first terrarium?

The terrarium was first developed in 1827 by Dr. Nathanial Ward.

Terrarium Terrarium
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How to make a jar terrarium?

First, thoroughly clean and dry your glass container. Carefully place a layer of gravel at the bottom. Do not pour the pebbles directly, we do not want the glass to break, it would be more convenient to place it by hand. The gravel should be spread evenly on the bottom of the jar.

Sprinkle charcoal powder or activated carbon on the gravel, making sure it is completely covered. This will help absorb odors and keep the terrarium from smelling.

Mix the fertilizer and soil, check if it is moist before use (water lightly if necessary), let it drain a little before use. Spread into the glass container, making a layer about 5 cm thick. Add using a ladle or your hands instead of pouring it over, so the inside of the jar is more organized.

We came to the part of preparing the plants. Remove the plants we will place in the glass container in their containers and carefully clean the excess soil around the roots. We can place the plants in the potting soil in the jar, respectively.

Tear off the moss layer and place it on the surface of the potting soil around the plants. Make sure all potting sand is covered, adding smaller pieces of moss if needed.

Using the soft paint brush, clean the inside of the jar thoroughly. You can easily remove the residues on the plants with the help of a brush.


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