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How to make a jar terrarium? Terrarium
one year ago | gizem

How to make a jar terrarium?

First, thoroughly clean and dry your glass container. Carefully place a layer of gravel at the bottom. Do not pour the pebbles directly, we do not want the glass to break, it would be more convenient to place it by hand. The gravel should be spread evenly on the bottom of the jar.

Sprinkle charcoal powder or activated carbon on the gravel, making sure it is completely covered. This will help absorb odors and keep the terrarium from smelling.

Mix the fertilizer and soil, check if it is moist before use (water lightly if necessary), let it drain a little before use. Spread into the glass container, making a layer about 5 cm thick. Add using a ladle or your hands instead of pouring it over, so the inside of the jar is more organized.

We came to the part of preparing the plants. Remove the plants we will place in the glass container in their containers and carefully clean the excess soil around the roots. We can place the plants in the potting soil in the jar, respectively.

Tear off the moss layer and place it on the surface of the potting soil around the plants. Make sure all potting sand is covered, adding smaller pieces of moss if needed.

Using the soft paint brush, clean the inside of the jar thoroughly. You can easily remove the residues on the plants with the help of a brush.