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What are terrarium materials? Terrarium
one year ago | gizem

What are terrarium materials?

To prepare a stylish terrarium, you will need to procure the terrarium materials listed:

  • A terrarium lantern made of glass that you have chosen according to your taste. The lanterns can be in fruit, animal, plant, pyramid and vehicle figures.
  • Various terrarium plants suitable for the space you want to create,
  • Large and small pebbles in the colors you want,
  • Specially produced terrarium soil and peat,
  • Long tongs or tweezers for the decorations you will place on the base of the bell jar,
  • Spray bottle to water the plant,
  • Activated carbon,
  • Colorful terrarium sand for coloring,
  • Decor products that change according to your imagination,
  • Seashells for those who want to create a sea air,
  • Terrarium moss to balance humidity.