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Which plants can be used in the terrarium? Terrarium
one year ago | gizem

Which plants can be used in the terrarium?

The fern is an indoor plant. It likes humid weather. Therefore, it is a plant suitable for growing in a terrarium.

Forest ivy loves moisture. The need for irrigation is very less. The humidity it provides from the air of the environment is sufficient.

You can also prefer sagina, salaginella species and Norwegian moss.

It would not be wrong to say that Salaginella moss is exactly for terrarium. Salaginella loves moisture very much. You can even put a bell on it when you're dehydrated. This feature makes salaginella a complete terrarium plant.

Norway moss has started to take its place among decorative plants in recent years. It does not require anything extra as maintenance. Therefore, it is an ideal plant for indoor terrariums.

For open lanterns, you should consider plants that love less moisture than more moisture level. Plants suitable for open lantern are as follows; Air plants, cacti, succulents…

Cacti are often preferred in terrariums because they are desert plants and fall into the dwarf plant class. Since the cactus does not like too much moisture, you can grow it in a terrarium.

The succulent plant has similar characteristics with the cactus. It does not like too much moisture and because it stores excess water in its leaves, there is no need for much watering in the terrarium.