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one year ago | gizem

Can the "That Girl" trend affect career aspirations and choices?

Yes, the "That Girl" trend can potentially influence career aspirations and choices among young girls. Here are a few ways in which the trend may impact career decisions:

  • Shaping perceptions of success: The trend often showcases individuals who have achieved success in certain industries or careers. This can influence young girls' perceptions of what constitutes a successful career and may shape their aspirations accordingly. If the trend predominantly features individuals in specific fields, it can inadvertently narrow the range of career options that young girls consider.
  • Influence of influencers and role models: The trend often features influencers and role models who have gained popularity and influence through their online presence. These individuals may project certain career paths or lifestyle choices that resonate with young girls. Their influence can sway perceptions and choices, leading young girls to consider or prioritize careers that align with what they see portrayed.
  • Reinforcing traditional gender roles: While the "That Girl" trend can challenge traditional gender roles in some aspects, it may also inadvertently reinforce them in others. If the trend predominantly focuses on certain industries or perpetuates gender stereotypes, it can influence young girls to pursue careers that align with traditional gender roles rather than exploring a wide range of possibilities.
  • Impact of societal expectations: The trend's emphasis on appearance, lifestyle, and social media presence may contribute to societal expectations regarding career choices. There can be pressure for young girls to pursue careers that offer a glamorous or "Instagrammable" lifestyle rather than focusing on their genuine passions, skills, or interests.
  • Lack of representation: The representation within the "That Girl" trend may not encompass diverse career paths, particularly those in STEM fields, traditionally male-dominated industries, or non-conventional professions. This lack of representation can limit the exposure and consideration of alternative career choices for young girls.

To mitigate any potential negative impacts on career aspirations and choices, it is important for young girls to have access to a wide range of role models and career options. Encouraging exposure to diverse industries, highlighting successful individuals from various backgrounds, and promoting career exploration based on personal interests, strengths, and values can help counterbalance any narrow influence the trend may have on career aspirations. Educators, parents, and mentors play crucial roles in providing guidance and fostering an environment that encourages young girls to explore their passions, embrace their unique talents, and make informed career choices beyond the scope of any specific trend.