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one year ago | gizem

Is the "That Girl" trend limited to a certain age group?

The "That Girl" trend can be seen across different age groups, but it tends to have a stronger influence on younger individuals, particularly adolescents and young adults. The trend's impact may vary depending on factors such as cultural context, geographic location, and individual interests. Here are some age groups that may be more commonly associated with the trend:

  • Adolescents: The "That Girl" trend often has a significant impact on adolescents, as they are in a stage of self-discovery, identity formation, and heightened social influence. They may be more susceptible to peer pressure and the desire to fit in, making them more likely to engage with the trend.
  • Young adults: The trend can also extend to young adults who are navigating the transition into adulthood. They may be influenced by the trend's messaging, lifestyle aspirations, and social media presence as they explore their identities and pursue their goals.

It's important to note that the influence of the trend is not limited to these age groups, and individuals of different ages may engage with or be influenced by the trend to varying degrees. The prevalence and impact of the trend can also evolve over time as new trends emerge and societal dynamics change.