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What role does peer pressure play in the That Girl
one year ago | gizem

What role does peer pressure play in the "That Girl" trend?

Peer pressure can play a significant role in the "That Girl" trend. Here's how peer pressure may influence young girls in relation to the trend:

  • Conformity and acceptance: Peer pressure can lead young girls to conform to the trend in order to fit in and be accepted by their peers. They may feel pressure to adopt the behaviors, appearance, and lifestyle associated with the "That Girl" trend to avoid feeling left out or judged.
  • Comparison and competition: Peer pressure can fuel a sense of comparison and competition among young girls. Seeing their peers actively participating in the trend and garnering social validation can create a desire to keep up or outdo others, leading to increased pressure to conform to the trend's standards.
  • Fear of exclusion: The fear of being excluded or feeling like an outsider can be a powerful motivator for young girls to engage in the "That Girl" trend. They may worry about missing out on experiences, social connections, or opportunities if they don't conform to the trend.
  • Influence on self-esteem: Peer pressure related to the trend can impact young girls' self-esteem. The constant exposure to their peers' curated images and lifestyles may lead to self-comparison and feelings of inadequacy if they perceive themselves as not measuring up to the trend's standards.
  • Validation-seeking: Peer pressure within the trend can fuel a desire for validation from peers. Young girls may seek approval and validation through gaining followers, likes, and comments on social media. The fear of not receiving validation can lead to increased pressure to conform and maintain a certain image.