FAQ About Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV Series
10 months ago | gizem

How can I access Turkish TV series from outside Turkey?

Accessing Turkish TV series from outside Turkey is possible through various methods, including streaming platforms, websites, and satellite television. Here's how you can access Turkish TV series from abroad:

Streaming Platforms:

  • Netflix: Netflix offers a substantial library of Turkish TV series with subtitles in multiple languages. Simply sign up for a Netflix account in your country, and you should have access to the available Turkish content.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video also offers Turkish TV series, and you can access them with a Prime Video subscription available in your region.
  • Viki: Viki is a streaming platform known for international content, including Turkish TV series. It's accessible in many countries, and you can watch with subtitles.

VPN Services:

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can help you access Turkish streaming platforms as if you were in Turkey. Here's how to do it:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service that offers servers in Turkey.
  • Connect to a Turkish server through the VPN.
  • Access Turkish streaming platforms or websites, such as TRT or local channels, as if you were in Turkey.

Be sure to choose a reputable VPN service that can reliably bypass geo-restrictions and protect your privacy.

Official Websites of Turkish Channels:

  • Many Turkish TV channels have official websites or apps where you can watch their series online. Check if these channels offer streaming access to their series with subtitles. TRT, for example, provides access to its content online.

YouTube Channels:

  • Some Turkish TV series are uploaded to official YouTube channels with English subtitles. Search for the specific series you're interested in, and you may find episodes available for free.

Legal Streaming Websites:

  • Explore legal streaming websites specific to Turkish content. These platforms may offer Turkish TV series with subtitles and can be accessed from various countries.

Local Cable or Satellite TV Providers:

  • If you have access to cable or satellite television services in your country, check if they offer international channels that broadcast Turkish TV series. Some international channels carry popular Turkish series with subtitles.
  • DVDs and Blu-rays: You can purchase DVDs or Blu-rays of Turkish TV series online. These physical copies often come with subtitles and can be shipped to your location.