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Turkish TV Series
10 months ago | gizem

What is the impact of Turkish TV series on tourism?

Turkish TV series have had a significant impact on tourism in Turkey, contributing to a phenomenon known as "set-jetting" or "film-induced tourism." This phenomenon occurs when viewers are inspired to visit locations featured in their favorite TV shows and films. Here's how Turkish TV series have influenced tourism in Turkey:

  • Promotion of Scenic Locations: Turkish TV series often showcase picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and culturally rich settings across Turkey. These stunning visuals serve as a promotional tool for tourism, enticing viewers to visit these locations in person.
  • Cultural Curiosity: Turkish TV series offer viewers glimpses into Turkish culture, traditions, and daily life. This cultural exchange fosters curiosity and interest in experiencing Turkish culture firsthand, leading to increased tourism.
  • Historical Dramas: Historical Turkish TV series, set in different time periods and featuring elaborate costumes and set designs, attract history enthusiasts and those interested in visiting historical sites and museums.
  • Specific Locations: Some TV series become associated with specific locations, leading to increased tourism to those areas. For example, the town of Rize on the Black Sea coast gained popularity due to its portrayal in a series.
  • Pilgrimages: Fans of specific TV series may embark on "pilgrimages" to visit key filming locations, take photos, and immerse themselves in the world of their favorite shows.
  • Economic Boost: The influx of tourists visiting locations featured in Turkish TV series provides an economic boost to local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and souvenir shops.
  • Local Recognition: Turkish TV series have brought recognition to lesser-known regions and towns, helping to distribute tourism revenue more evenly across the country.
  • Festival and Events: Some towns and regions organize festivals and events related to TV series, attracting fans and tourists. These events can include cast appearances, screenings, and cultural activities.
  • Promotion by Tourism Boards: Turkish tourism boards and local authorities recognize the promotional value of TV series and may actively promote filming locations to tourists.
  • International Interest: Turkish TV series have gained international popularity, drawing viewers from various countries. International tourists who have watched these series may be inspired to visit Turkey and explore its diverse landscapes.