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10 months ago | gizem

What are some Turkish TV series set in rural areas?

Turkish TV series often explore life in rural areas, offering viewers a glimpse into the culture, traditions, and challenges faced by people living in the countryside. These series showcase the beauty of rural landscapes and the richness of rural life. Here are some Turkish TV series set in rural areas:

  • "Küçük Ağa" (Little Master): This comedy series revolves around the life of a wealthy Istanbulite who is sent to a rural village to serve as the village head, leading to humorous encounters with the villagers.
  • "Gülbeyaz": This family drama is set in a small town and explores the lives and relationships of the Gülbeyaz family, including their interactions with the local community.
  • "Gülbeyaz" (2002): This series, with the same title as the one mentioned above, is set in a rural village and tells the story of a family dealing with various challenges and conflicts.
  • "Gülbeyaz" (1998): Another series with the same title, this one focuses on the lives of villagers in a rural setting and explores themes of love, family, and community.
  • "Benim Adım Gültepe" (My Name is Gültepe): Set in a village called Gültepe, this series portrays the lives of the villagers and their interconnected stories.
  • "Kara Gül" (Black Rose): This drama series is set in a rural area and follows the lives of two sisters who face numerous challenges and hardships.
  • "Gönülçelen" (Bitter Sweet Life): While primarily set in Istanbul, this series includes rural scenes and a storyline that explores the contrast between city and countryside life.
  • "Kavak Yelleri" (The Wind of the Poplars): This series is set in a coastal town and focuses on the lives, friendships, and romances of a group of young people.
  • "Küçük Kadınlar" (Little Women): This series is set in a rural village and is a modern adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel "Little Women."