Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

FAQ About Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

How do I create a wedding timeline?

Start with the ceremony time: Determine the time of your ceremony and work backward from there to create a timeline for the rest of the day.

Include travel time: Account for travel time between the ceremony and reception venues, as well as any other locations you may need to visit during the day.

Consider hair and makeup: If you and your wedding party will be getting hair and makeup done professionally, include enough time in the timeline to allow for this.

Plan for photography: Allocate enough time for your photographer to capture all the important moments, such as getting ready, the first look, family photos, and couple portraits.

Schedule the reception events: Plan out the reception events such as cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and dancing, and assign specific times for each.

Be flexible: Leave some buffer time in the timeline in case things run longer than expected or if you need to make any last-minute adjustments.

Share the timeline: Share the timeline with your wedding party, vendors, and anyone else who needs to be aware of the schedule.