Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

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How do I handle RSVPs and guest dietary restrictions?

Handling RSVPs:

Include Clear Instructions:

  • Clearly state the RSVP deadline on the invitation.
  • Provide multiple response options (e.g., online RSVP, phone, or mail) for guests' convenience.

Use Online RSVPs:

  • Consider setting up an online RSVP system to make it easier for guests to respond promptly.
  • Provide a user-friendly website link or QR code for online responses.

RSVP Tracking:

  • Keep a detailed record of RSVPs to track attendance.
  • Regularly update your guest list and share it with relevant vendors.

Follow Up:

  • Send gentle reminders to those who haven't responded a week or two before the deadline.
  • If possible, reach out directly to guests who haven't responded closer to the deadline.

Include Meal Choices:

  • If your reception includes a meal, ask guests to specify their meal preferences (if applicable) during the RSVP process.

Be Prepared for Late Responses:

  • Understand that some guests may miss the deadline, and be flexible in accommodating late responses.
  • Create a Seating Chart:
  • Utilize RSVP responses to create a seating chart for the reception, ensuring a smooth flow of the event.

Managing Guest Dietary Restrictions:

Include Dietary Information in RSVP:

  • Ask guests to communicate any dietary restrictions or allergies when they RSVP.
  • Include a section on your RSVP card or online form for this purpose.

Communicate with Caterer:

  • Share the collected dietary information with your catering team well in advance.
  • Discuss specific menu options for guests with restrictions.

Label Menu Items:

  • If possible, label menu items at the reception to indicate if they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Consider Buffet Style:

  • Buffet-style meals allow guests to choose dishes that align with their dietary needs.

Offer Diverse Options:

  • When selecting your menu, choose diverse options to accommodate various dietary preferences.

Provide Allergen Information:

  • Work with the caterer to provide allergen information on the menu or through servers during the reception.

Inform Staff:

  • Ensure that venue staff, including servers and bartenders, are aware of dietary restrictions to assist guests appropriately.

Personalize Meals:

  • If possible, personalize meals based on individual guests' dietary needs.

Accommodate Children:

  • Be mindful of dietary restrictions for children attending the wedding, and communicate these to the catering team.

Address Allergies in Advance:

  • For severe allergies, consider informing the catering team well in advance and having a plan in place to prevent cross-contamination.