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How are crystals formed? Crystals
one year ago | gizem

How are crystals formed?

Although rare and beautiful stones come to mind when we talk about crystals, crystals are very diverse. Almost all pure substances in solid form are crystalline, that is, they consist of crystals. Just like emeralds and diamonds, salt and sugar are crystals.

Real crystals are formed only in nature and as a result of chemical reactions. While there are hundreds of substances in nature that contribute to crystal formation, one of the most common is water. The water flowing through the rocks dissolves some mineral substances. As the amount in the solution increases over time, the water becomes unable to carry these mineral solutions. In this case, various minerals recrystallize and precipitate in cracks or cavities within the rocks. Mineral crystals such as quartz, calcite and iron pyrites are often formed this way. Also, as you know, the solid state of water is also a crystal. When the water freezes, it turns into very interesting and beautifully shaped rime or snow crystals.

Crystals are not just used in jewelry or as healing stones. They are substances that can be used in a wide range from drug making to microscopes.