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Why to use crystal protection? Crystals
one year ago | gizem

Why to use crystal protection?

There are different forms and reasons for self-protection. Protection is not only physical, but also spiritual and emotional. Crystals can also be used to protect from judgment, manipulation or the anger of others, as well as to protect from radiating negative energy.

Using crystal stones for protection gives us the opportunity to be aware of the negative energy being directed, thus allowing us to change our focus. When we realize and understand the nature of the negative energy being sent to us, we gain more control over our reaction and the way the energy affects us.

The protection of crystals is also ideal for people who are empaths, as these individuals can absorb, transmute, and be protected from vibrations from others. Sadness, anger, jealousy and bad intentions are very good reasons to use the protection of crystals. Unwanted psychic bonds and bad energies also fall into this category. It's also a good idea to take deliberate steps to protect yourself before exerting a healing power on yourself or someone else.