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Which crystals give happiness? Crystals
one year ago | gizem

Which crystals give happiness?

Yellow Jade: It has a pleasant and happy energy.

Olive Jade: It is the best stone for you if you have sleep problems and migraine pains.

Honey jade for energy: You feel tired all the time but there is no physical reason for it. Try to carry an object made of honey jade in your body, its energy may reflect on you.

White Jade: We do not know which stone is good for which sign, but if you are an indecisive Libra, you can make your decisions more easily with the energy that white jade will give you.

Blue jade: The energy of blue jade, which has the color of freedom, can pull you out of your own trap.

Moonstone: It is believed that moonstone can help women in all their health problems. It is thought to strengthen the intuition and bring femininity.