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What are energy-raising crystals? Crystals
one year ago | gizem

What are energy-raising crystals?

White Quartz:

White quartz, which increases the focus power, clears the mind, and facilitates prioritization, is among the most precious stones that increase mental activity.


The healing amethyst stone helps to refresh your mind, reduces stress and calms the mind. You may want to place this soothing stone on your desk at work or on your bedside table in your bedroom.

Rose Quartz:

Based on self-compassion, love and affection, rose quartz helps to radiate a warm energy into your heart. With this stone, you can aim to reduce tensions in your relationship, show yourself more compassion and love, and arm yourself with an energy full of kindness.

Tourmaline Quartz:

One of the most special stones recommended for those who need to remove energy blockages is tourmaline quartz. If you want to start a business but cannot take the first step, if you lack motivation and think that you will fail, try the inspiring energy of tourmanline quartz.


Chrysoprase stone deals with issues such as sociability, friendship, benevolence. With the energy emitted by this stone, it becomes easier for you to open your heart, strengthen your communication power, and increase your social skills.