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What is lithotherapy (Crystal Therapy)? Crystals
one year ago | gizem

What is lithotherapy (Crystal Therapy)?

The name lithotherapy is derived from the Greek words Lithos (“stone”) and therapeia (“care”).

It is a very comprehensive traditional therapy method that expresses the use of crystals to provide harmony, vitality and balance.

Lithotherapy is an energy therapy with crystals: it uses the energy of the stones to restore balance between the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. Stones and minerals have vibrations and qualities that can help relieve physical and psychological stress. When these are placed on the chakras or worn as jewelry, or even just in the environment, the piezo electricity they emit has a balancing effect.

The positive energy emitted by the crystals has a direct effect on health, balancing and joy of life. It provides deep relaxation. It calms the mind and provides a sense of balance, peace and harmony.