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Group Coordinator HSChauhan
one year ago | hemsinghchauhan

Due to a technical problem or what I was not able to view the screen during zoom meeting.But I hear the voice of the trainer and see him.

There could be many reasons for this. If other people are not facing this problem, then first of all please pay attention to below mentioned points at your level -

1. There should be enough free space in your mobile. Some applications take a lot of space to work properly.

2️. Please check your nework connectivity. If it is poor, then this problem may occur.

3. Enjoy the class by sitting at a suitable place where the network strength is strong.

4️. If there are some problems due to excessive data consumption even in Video on mode, then you can remain present in the class by turning off your video.

Still, if there is any problem, please take help of your technical assistant.