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Group Coordinator HSChauhan
one year ago | hemsinghchauhan

Please do not allow any participant to send messages in the group because of these messages we are not able to see the important ones.

Both your concern and suggestion are excellent and describe how dedicated you are towards learning Geeta. You deserve a lot of congratulations for this.

But it is necessary to understand two things -

1. Message is a sign of mutual discussion. If participants do not respond then how will we know if everything is going well or they need something else?

2. In life, as the continuity of the river is necessary; in the same way we will continue to move forward, more messages will keep on coming. It is not appropriate to stop them, only direction can be given.

The option of "STAR MARK MESSAGES" is available on whaats app to save important messages for future use. Please learn it with the help of your technical assistant. Your problems will be resolved.