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Group Coordinator HSChauhan
one year ago | hemsinghchauhan

Guidelines for video making.

Please note 11 points mentioned below while making video:

1. Before making video, please practice well with audio/ video.

2. Please try to make only 1 video of entire chapter. As you are aware that "Geeta Gunjan" exam not a byheart exam. Hence you can see PDF while recording video.

3. By making video of entire chapter, the video file size may be large and you may encounter error or problem while forwarding it in WA group. To avoid this problem, you can send video in 2 or 3 parts. Or else, you may upload your video in Google drive, Youtube etc. and share the video link in the group.

4. Please note, your face should be clearly visible while making video. Please keep camera in proper distance (no so near or so far, just like a passport sized photo).

5. Please ensure that there should no background noise while recording your video.

6. Your face should be clearly visible. To ensure this, please arrange proper lighting over your face from front not from back side.

7. It is advisable to have a clean background screen/ curtains or a good picture of Lord Shri Krishna.

8. We should recite chapters in proper tune. Henceforth, please record video in high pitched voice with proper pronunciation and proper tune. Don't be in hurry, record with peaceful and happy mindset.

9. If possible, please make 2-3 videos. And then send the best one among those recorded videos. As we will consider only one entry, so please choose and send the best one.

10. Please mention your full name and PRN number while sending video.

11. Please make video with smiling face and peaceful & happy mind set. Think and feel as if you are offering beautiful fragranted flowers to your presiding deity.

Best wishes from Geeta Parivar.