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one year ago | hemsinghchauhan

Why did we start learning from 12th adhyaya?Any specific reason?

Both these chapters are short and simple, they contain only 20 - 20 verses. There is a journey from easy to difficult in the same way as children are taught to read from nursery.

Gradually, you all get used to easy words and grammar, then our next journey moves on to a slightly bigger and more esoteric chapter.

The 12th is "Bhakti Yoga". We start our journey of reading Gita with Bhakti Rasa. The 15th chapter "Purushottam Yoga" in which the elemental description of the Supreme Personality of God and the creation of the whole world is shown.

This sequence has been prescribed by Pujya Swamiji. And the intention is that the most important and useful message should come first in human life. The journey of studying the Gita is very long. If due to some reason a participant is not able to move forward, then at least the basic and important things of Gita should remain with them in their life.